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PRN Consulting offers a wide range of drug information, tools and resources to support staff working in the specialised field of Aged Care.

We can assist you to meet Standards relating the Aged Care Quality Standards - specifically relating to medication management, which requires that medication is managed safely and correctly for residents.

  • COVID-19 Issues

    COVID-19 will affect medication management and extra precautions are needed

  • High Risk Drugs

    High Risk Drugs

    What drugs are considered High Risk and how can we minimise errors with these medicines? 

  • Free Smartphone Apps

    Free Smartphone Apps

    What information needs to be recorded and how should we monitor medicines being used as chemical restraint.

  • Chemical Restraint

    Chemical Restraint

    How to identify what is and what is not chemical restraint. How and when should restraint be reviewed.

  • Non-pharmacological Approaches to BPSD

    Non-pharmacological Approaches to BPSD

    What are some of the options available for non-pharmacological approaches to behaviours of concern

Featured Work

Our resources cover new drugs, as well as common drugs used in aged care, drug side effects, guidelines for administration of medication as well as a section containing useful links to other organisations relevant to Aged Care.

Medication Administration Explained

Medication Adverse

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