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Medication reviewsMedication Reviews are an Australian Government funded service to ensure the safe and effective use of medicines for people, either living in their own home or residing in an aged care facility.

PRN Consulting provides a bespoke medication review service for people living at home or in the residential aged care setting. Our service is based around quality outcomes, so that the individual (or their carer) can either manage medicines more effectively and safely at home, through the support of a Home Medicine Review (HMR); or to guide best practice of medication management in the residential aged care setting through a Residential Medication Management Review (RMMR).

PRN Consulting’s service provision is undertaken in a collaborative way, with the best interests of person-centered care and outcomes as the main driver.

Neil Petrie talking with aged care residentPRN Consulting medication review service focuses on the four central objectives of Australia’s National Medicine Policy

  • The appropriate selection of medicines for the individual
  • The judicious use of medicines only when appropriate
  • Use of all medicines safely
  • Ensuring that medicine use achieves the therapeutic goals of care.

The aims of medication reviews includes - identifying, resolving, and preventing medication-related problems and optimising the use of medicines. This is undertaken in partnership with medical practitioners, nursing staff/carers, and the individual.

PRN Consulting takes pride in the standard of service delivered, which focuses on the individual rather than simply an assessment of a medicine list. This provides a holistic approach to care. Direct interaction with consumers allows for more focused and directed outcomes with the individuals wished respected. This improves therapeutic outcomes in a way that has a quality focus.

PRN Consulting works with other care providers, in a collaborative way, as part of a dedicated team. You will find that pharmacists working with PRN Consulting are extremely knowledgeable and approachable.

The importance of medication review services is aptly summarised in the publication: MEDICINE SAFETY: AGED CARE  


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