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Quality Use of MedicineQuality Use of Medicine (QUM) activity services provided by PRN Consulting are targeted but flexible, allowing for various medicine issues to be addressed.

  • Education and Training,
  • Clinical governance and
  • Resident-focused activities.

PRN Consulting follows a multifaceted strategy, involving a range of activities, that is necessary for any QUM endeavour. For quality outcomes, the following services are provided

  • Policy development and implementation
  • Facilitation and coordination of QUM initiatives
  • Provision of objective information and assurance of ethical promotion of medicines
  • Education and training
  • Provision of services and appropriate interventions
  • Strategic research, evaluation, and routine data collection

Professional collaboration and communication are at the forefront of PRN Consulting’s service delivery.

Education is provided in various formats including face-to-face and online e-learning opportunities.

Medication update seminars are also provided, as needed.

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Quality Use of Medicines

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